The Coalition of the Goodwilling Part 1 INDVSTRVS Nov 1st 2017 Nov 2017
With World Kindness Day coming up on 13 November, we invited the former General Secretary of the World Kindness Movement, Sydney-based Michael Lloyd-White to share, in a four-part series during the month of November, his five-year journey in taking kindness around the globe, and, why choosing kindness in business is always the better option…
All You Need Is A Kindness Clause Part III INDVSTRVS Nov 13 2017
Part 3 in a 4 part series released for World Kindness Day explores the challenges in a workplace or in the volunteer space and how a strategy of Kindness can de-escalate the most volatile situations by learning to default to the kinder option.See Article 

A Momentum of Kindness Part iV INDVSTRVS Nov 22nd 2017
As we wrap up the month of World Kindness in November, World Kindness USA Advisor Michael Lloyd-White says there persists a dominant, global narrative in the media which inspires many to follow and unwittingly perpetuate it; sadly it is not a campaign of kindness, but a campaign of fear and hatred. Nonetheless, Lloyd-White has a plan, and it begins with asking our ourselves, and demanding it of our leaders, to be the best we can be. See Article 

Gold Coast named as the world’s first World Kindness City  Lea Emery, Gold Coast Bulletin 

WHEN Michael Lloyd-White arrived on the Gold Coast this week he kept his purpose secret.The World Kindness Foundation chairman, Mr Lloyd-White, wanted the chance to secretly observe the Gold Coast and see why it had just been named the world’s first World Kindness City. See Article 

World Kindness Day Nov 13 The Examiner Tasmania Sean Slatter

It’s one of the hallmarks of the upcoming festive season, but what does it actually mean to be kind?

With Monday marking World Kindness Day, the spotlight was on the definition of the word in today’s world. See Article 

World Kindness Day . Washington Post   
You didn’t know? Well, it’s a day when someone might unexpectedly buy you a cup of coffee or hold a door for you. Or perhaps you’ll do that for someone else. Maybe it’s a day you’ll buy a lottery ticket for a stranger. See Article

What Business Does Kindness Have In Business?  INDVSTRVS  Jan 2018 Michael Lloyd-White
If you’re looking for when the word ‘kindness’ last appeared on your company’s agenda, you might find yourself left wanting among dusty closets and archived boxes. Like all things much loved, but a little neglected, perhaps it’s time to dust off the ‘word’ and give it a new lease of life See Article 

Why is Kindness The Answer to Worldplace Woes? Forbes Nov 2017 Jaclyn Lyndsey
If you’ve spent even just 10 minutes scanning the headlines in the last month, the workplace can seem like it’s suddenly become a minefield. Sexual HarassmentBullyingRacismSexismHomophobia. This isn’t news–in fact, it’s been happening since the beginning of time—but in this cultural moment, we are finally talking about these micro- and macro-aggressions openly. See Article

Make Kindness Business As Usual INDVSTRVS  Jan 15 2018 Michael Lloyd-White?
Engaging employees to make kindness a daily habitual takes more than a token cheque. WKUSA Chief Advisor Michael Lloyd-White offers a few pearls of kindness to help encourage employees to make free-will offerings a mainstay in working life. See.Article

Be the Gift that Keeps on Giving; Become a Goodwill Ambassador  INDVSTRVS  Jan 31 2018 Michael Lloyd-White
Kindness campaigns championed by Goodwill Ambassadors generate meaningful and positive exchanges within organisations in both the private and public-sector spaces – and the results speak louder than slogans. See Article

Beat Bullies and By-stander Behaviour with Kindness  INDVSTRVS  Feb 11 2018 Michael Lloyd-White
With RAK Week underway this article in INDVSTRVS, business magazine was published with a focus on how Kindness addresses bystander behaviour and bullying in the workplace far greater than any anti-bullying policy or handbook can.See Article