Goodwill Ambassadors

Our Goodwill Ambassadors have agreed to support the ongoing kindness campaign.  They promote events leading up to World Kindness Week in November. They also use their network to engage the whole community to create a better environment and highlight the good work being done in all sectors of the “Village”.


Embedding a Culture of Kindness

Leadership is important to instigate and drive positive change, however rarely does the influence last more than a generation past the tenure of the individual if policy is not embedded through a cultural change in thinking and attitude. Kindness needs to be layered at all levels of an organisation and a community. If you were to do a word search on company job descriptions, handbooks, websites, emails and minutes of meetings how often would the word Kindness appear? Zero? It does not even appear in our national curriculum. The good news is as our membership grows you will find kindness appearing more often, the challenge is to ensure it takes hold and that’s why we insist on the Signing Ceremonies, appointment of Goodwill Ambassadors and Declarations of Support which many schools, businesses and councils are now adopting.

 Placing Kindness on The Agenda

To ensure an inclusive culture exists Kindness must first be on the agenda to start a “Conversation In Kindness” A motion can be formally adopted by placing “Kindness” on the agenda at the next meeting through a motion and driven by individuals whether they be appointed or chosen from a hat as Goodwill Ambassadors have an important role to play as our Special Envoys (Messengers). We encourage the appointment of Goodwill Ambassadors to lead initiatives and meet periodically to share ideas. Partnerships are a key element to our campaign and we have all sectors involved from education, business, education, government, sport, community and art.

How to Identify a Goodwill Ambassador

A Goodwill Ambassador is someone who makes a difference to others with a simple smile or hello. They offer a helping hand when your hands are full, or an invitation to join in rather than leave someone standing alone. They can be any one, however they stand out, they have the presence of somebody who is willing and capable of making a difference because they choose to do something rather than nothing.  


Goodwill Ambassador Are:  

□ Friendly      □ Understanding       □ Positive       □ Kind                   □ Inspirational

□ Grateful      □ Compassionate     □ Resilient      □ Passionate       □ Patient

□ Respectful  □ Determined           □ Forgiving     □ Humble             □ Honest

If kindness begins at home where does in start in a City or an organisation? Appointment of Goodwill

Ambassadors in the workplace are encouraged within council and amongst the various departments within

Council/ Boardroom (1) Executive Management (2) Line staff Customer Services (3) Sales & Marketing/ Community Engagement /Hr & Admin etc.  Providing an Ambassadors section on the organisations kindness landing page should include photo and 150 words providing a brief statement or video as to why they were nominated and accepted the role. Option to nominate City Goodwill Ambassador for the Year, based on applications in second year of campaign.


A Goodwill Ambassador for the Council undertakes to support the City’s ongoing kindness campaign which the council has unanimously resolved at a full council meeting and followed through with a public Signing Ceremony.  Whilst it is about the promotion of events leading up to World Kindness Week in November, it’s also about engaging the whole village to create a better environment within the greater community by promoting the good work that is being done by individuals and or groups within all sectors of the community.



  1. Ambassadors will be asked to sign, with other members of the council a Declaration of Support for World Kindness USA’s endeavours in creating a kinder society for our children to inherit.
  2. Ambassadors will be asked to work within their own networks/departments either (directly or through social media) to raise awareness on events leading up to World Kindness Week updating council on the progress of the campaign both locally and internationally.
  3. Working within the community on a volunteer basis, Ambassadors will be directly involved in bringing about positive change by raising awareness to the important role kindness plays in our society.
  4. Ambassadors will be actively involved in the celebration of The World Kindness Week / Day attending events such as:
    The Big Hug, The Cool To Be Kind & Courage To Be Kind Awards – Global Kindness Flash Mob / Dance for Kindness, World Kindness Day Event
    e.g. “Conversations In Kindness” Panel Registering World Kindness Cards and entering witnessed accounts of Acts of Kindness to pass on to deserving individuals.
  5. Ambassadors may from time to time, be invited to address staff, public meetings panels, schools, sports clubs and or organisations encouraging them to celebrate World kindness Week. Suggested topics include “Does Seeking The Kinder Option Mean Taking The Path of Most Resistance? What is meant by having “The Courage to Be Kind? “Does Kindness Applies to Everything?”
  6. Ambassadors may be asked from time to time to acknowledge and present individuals, students and or organisations with “ Awards”
  7. Ambassadors will be asked to identify goodwill initiatives within the community in the lead up to World Kindness Week / Day and through City Council will raise awareness to the good work that’s being done by individuals and organisations.
  8. Ambassadors will be invited to meet periodically (once every 2 months) attend network evenings to share ideas and communicate their progress as major events unfold leading up to World kindness Week /Day.
  9. Ambassadors may from time to time be requested for media engagements, interviews, join panels, forums to address current events in which Kindness could be a factor. They will encourage the community to participate in a Kindness Index.
  10. Ambassadors will highlight the importance of engaging the whole village in raising the child seeking opportunities to promote the campaign and engage participation from all sectors and peak association bodies, including but not limited to the Police and Emergency Services as well as schools and the business community.