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Instill the kindness quality in your corporation and promote kindness today. Join the growing number of Australian businesses promoting the kindness message.


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Create a kindness initiative in your area, choose from many great ideas by clicking here or come up with your own initiatives, we love to hear about them.


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Captain Kindness Chronicles

Follow Captain Kindness on his quest to make the world a Kinder place. See event details, learn how to get in touch with the Captain himself and more.


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“THE BIG HUG” on Bondi Beach is on the second Sunday in November every year. Anyone wanting to participate, is very welcome to receive a FREE HUG.

Kindness Card

Have you been given a Kindness Card? Let us know why and how.
And don't forget to reward someone else down the track.

Captain Kindness

What is Captain Kindness up to today? How can you reach him to perhaps visit your school or corporate event. Take the time to read the chronicles of Captain Kindness.

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Anyone can be part of the Australian campaign for kindness. We welcome Individuals and Organisations of all kinds to the World Kindness Australia Community.

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World Kindness

We are proud to be an Official Member of the World Kindness Movement. Visit the international website here.

Her Excellency, The Governor of NSW

Her Excellency supports the campaign for world kindness week